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The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie

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The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie was produced by Johan Sturm of Eternal Productions, USA, of to explain the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences to a world wide audience. The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie has a running time of 100 minutes, and includes some amazing computer generated graphics of Heaven and Hell. The movie is Cinema quality, and has already been screened in many public cinemas in many countries. The narrative is documentary in style, filmed on the actual locations of the events portrayed, with fantastic special effects, and amazing music. The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie is riveting viewing for both non-Christians and Christians! The movie is an ideal tool to use to bring the unsaved to investigate eternity. The movie deals with Man's continual search for life after death. Non-believers are fascinated to have their question answered, "Is there life after death?" The whole subject of life after death is looked at from both a Biblical and a truly scientific approach, with interviews with four medical doctors.